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Providing Project Safety Staffing

L.A.A.P., Inc., based in Montgomery, Texas, serving customers nationwide and abroad, understands that having a full-time safety professional can be an enormous expense to any organization. When you work with us, we'll provide the safety staffing necessary for your projects when needed, saving you an incredible amount of overhead. With the confidence that comes with accredited safety & health auditors, you can be sure your company is receiving the quality service you expect and deserve.

Safety Professionals for All Situations

Whether your project takes only few months or is years in length, LAAP can provide competent safety professionals for your residential, commercial or industrial project. For more than 25 years, we have been satisfying project safety staffing needs to companies of all sizes, from startup contractors to global leaders. Our professionals have a minimum of five years safety and compliance experience in construction and general industry and can staff projects to represent owners, general contractors, and subcontractors. All of our project safety personnel meet the requirements of EM-385 for Site Safety and Health Officer (SSHO), as a minimum, and are well-versed in OSHA construction and general industry standards. Our basic project safety program includes:

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• Providing Technical Assistance to Project Operations to Ensure Compliance with Applicable Safety & Health Regulations

• Developing, Implementing, & Administering the Project Safety & Health Program with an Emphasis on Safety & Health Communications & Safety Awareness Activities

• Providing Safety Orientation for All New Contract Employees

• Communication with All Project Foremen through Weekly Foremen Safety Meetings

• Providing Tool Box Safety Topics
• Ensuring Foremen Conduct Tool Box Safety Meetings with Their Employees

• Conducting Incident & Accident Investigations

• Maintaining Incident & Accident Records for Project

• Calculating & Maintaining Incident Rate (TRIR) for Project in Comparison with the National Average

• Constant Auditing of Project & Education of Workers

• Overseeing Major Crane Lifting Operations & Ensuring Contractor Performs Lift Calculations & Develops the Lift Plan